Crown First: I’ve got so much to live for.


Craziest thing happened to me tonight… I opened up!

There is not a single human being that I have confided in as much as I have this man tonight. The craziest thing is, we’re not even friends to that capacity, but he was the listening ear right at the moment needed it most.Β I believe I have a good circle of people around me, but even them I have never disclosed such depth in what really keeps me up at night.

The past few months I have been on a steady road towards depression and in the last 2 weeks I plummeted. I suppress my emotions so much I convince myself I’m okay in order to fool all of those around me.

Depression is a horrible thing and I have cried myself to sleep possibly every night for the past 2 weeks at least. It’s such a dark place and you feel so alone, no one should have to feel like that.Β I had moments where I understood why people jump in front of trains, and i’d be lying if I said for a split second it never crossed my mind. What stopped me from actually doing it? I found my why. If you don’t have a why, find one. Everyone needs purpose and a reason to live, otherwise it makes things like depression way to easy to take over your life.

My why? I’ve got so much more to give!

I now know that in order to be strong you need to tackle your battles, crown first;

Cry… it’s okay!

Talk… it’s okay!

Trust… it’s okay!

Expect the unexpected because nothing meaningful happens within your comfort zone. Speak up, because I PROMISE you, you’re not alone. Make-Up your mind is an amazing facebook platform which enables people to just talk to people who get it.


Stay Queening πŸ‘‘

p.s; I promise to try and post more often ❀


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